Spiritual & Natural Paintings By Artist Asokan Nanniyodue

Indian Visionary Artist


LATEST Works & CREATIVE Thoughts

Water Nymph


Love and Devotion

Radiation of the Absolute

Breaking Self Awareness

Arousal Of Inner Light

The Witness

I am Light

Walking With Hope


The Cradle Of Innumerable Incarnations

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Conscious Traveler

Golden Aureole
Light Of Divine Grace
Subconscious Rising

Sura Sundari

Truth is Shining
Nymphes Of The Woods
Eve Blooming
Ode to Mother Nature
Emotional Trance
The Weaving Illusion
Being One with Nature
Dissolving Into Nature
Cosmic Identification
Dissolving Into Nature
Desert’s Exaltation
Sweetness of Dawn
Sri Ramana Maharishi’s Portrait
Crystallization Of Vision
Window Into Inner Peace

High Quality Canvas Print Available


Indian Visionary Artist

Being totally immersed in his own culture, Asokan’s art is dedicated to tradition. His paintings depict a journey in the manifestation of the inside, a world within the world we may travel in. Yet, Max Ernst and his mineral landscapes, Dali with his paramount godlike sceneries seem to be not far away from Asokan’s vocabulary.

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